Summercamp Calgary

Finally Iīve found some time to update my reports. Many weekīs have passed after I wrote my last report, and there are lotīs of news. After I finished my school at the Federal Police in Bad Endorf, I flew straight to Calgary (Canada) with my Team and had there one of the best camps ever. I went there to have a three week long trainingcamp. After the first few days with a small jetlag, I started to enjoy the fast ice and we trained on a very high level. As a result of the fast ice in Calgary and because of the training I did before I started my competition season with 3 personal best times.

Of course we had also lotīs of fun besides skating in Calgary. I recoverd my bruises from the paintball match against the Russian national team in a hot tub at Buffalo lake, but after huge shopping tours and night activities I forgot about my small injuries very fast :-)


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