High altitude training in Livigno (Italy)

As every year me and my teammates went to Livigno (Italy) for a trainingcamp, from the 03.06.05 till 22.06.05. This small town is situated on 1800 meters above sea level, and has very good facilities for cycling. During this period I was still at school in Bad Endorf, that was the reason why I could only train there for 2 weeks. Nevertheless it was a really good camp for me. The hard conditions weren’t always easy to handle during the first week. Sometimes we rode our bikes over the 2700 meter high mountain pass roads with light snowfall. The highlight was the breakthrough of the 200 km mark during one training session. In total I am very satisfied, because I increased my performance on the bike very good. This is a big step for the coming season.


© 2005 Stefan Heythausen