Beginning of training

Right now the first training period is done, and I am very happy how everything went during that time. I was possible to do my weights without any backproblems, I also had my first big bike rides. At the beginning training was quite hard, because I had to get used to combining school and train at one time. But now I got used to and everything is going well.

Last week I got back from my 2 week long traineeship on the swiss-german border. During this two weeks it was hard to do the work-outs, because it 8 hours of work make you really tired. But I could also handle this problem, with my motivated classmates.

During the week I train at the Federal Police Sportsschool in Bad Endorf together with my teammate Marco Weber. During the weekend I am training for myself here in Bad Endorf or in Inzell.

In total I am very satisfied how everything goes so far, even if the weekends are very boring. But I have a big goal this year: Torino 2006!!


© 2005 Stefan Heythausen